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Brentford Mercury #34 Posted
01 Oct 2003


Our current Brentford Mercury, number 34, was posted out to members today.

This special celebratory issue, is extra big and focus’ on the work of Robert Rankin.

Included are:

Artwork and general information about Roberts work on the book, Behind the Beatles Songs. Artwork by Robert from the Comic magazine Tuba and a look at Roberts work in The Waterman’s Art Centre as co-ordinator of the poetry group, and their zine.

Also in this issue, we have 3 pages copied from Roberts own copy of The Book of Ultimate Truths, an oversized Copybook affair, which predated the book of the same name and lists the truths alphabetically.

We look at ten years of Sproutlore, there are reviews of various signings around the UK, an article about Bill Hicks, pieces from Robert and Michael Carroll about the anniversary, a look at all of Roberts foreign editions and news and reviews.

Finally, and exclusively, we have the first chapter of Roberts next book, Knees Up Mother Earth, making it a special issue indeed.

Robert will be at Colectormania 4, in Milton Keynes on Saturday and Sunday as will a bunch from Sproutlore. This event is on in the MK:Centre, more info at http://www.collectormania.com

Our next event They Came and Shaved Us, has sold out, but if any members are interested in coming along, we can make space, so please let us know.

Plans are afoot for an event in Derby next spring, and Brentford next Summer.

Robert has been announced as a Guest of Honour at Paragon 2, the National SF convention, Eastercon, in 2005, more info on http://www.paragon2.org.uk

Finally anyone who needs to rejoin, we have forms online at our website.


Take care

James and James

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